Today’s Coveted Working Look: A.L.C. Seamed Flare Dress

by Rachel Yeomans | June 24th, 2013   

We are in the season of ‘easy dressing’. Translation: It’s so hot outside that the most comfortable item we can wear is a shift dress. To make it look like we’re not just avoiding discomfort in the humidity, we just have to make sure that said shift dress has some chic to it. Enter, the A.L.C. Seamed Panel Flare Dress.

 Todays Coveted Working Look: A.L.C. Seamed Flare DressThe dress is made with heavy knit that’s pieced in multiple sections from the upper bodice through the flared skirt. The skirt stays flared (rather than swishing around) because of said heavy knit. I love the sectioning within the fabric to make the dress a bit more casual for the work day. You also can easily dress it up as well. But it’s nice to have the option especially when walking between heat and air conditioning. I adore the color, and check out that back!

 Todays Coveted Working Look: A.L.C. Seamed Flare DressThe A.L.C. Seamed Flare Dress is available on Intermix.com. Grab yours to show your style on your commute and in the office, without breaking a sweat. Do you have commuting fashion tips? Please share in the comments (we beg you)!


Love this dress - so simple, yet so chic! Definitely a classic look!