Outfits Under $100: Fashion Fringe

by Anne Dreshfield | July 9th, 2014   
c600x597 Outfits Under $100: Fashion Fringe

Chic Nova Asymmetrical Skirt: $38.00

Brave Soul Knit Sweater: $17.00

Sperry Topsider Tights: $9.99

Sophia Black Platform Boots: $34.00

Grand Total: $98.99

Set out on the fringe in an asymmetrical skirt, tights, and a chunky knit sweater. I love how this skirt falls, and it transforms into a workwear workhorse with a great pair of tights and closed-toe boots. The chunky sweater keeps it low-key, and wards off the chill in the office! For spring, simply pair this skirt with a neutral top and nude heels to lighten everything up. The best part? It’s all under $100, so you won’t break the bank!