What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Tonacious Wedge Sandals

by Rachel Yeomans | June 18th, 2014   

To continue my work with AEROSOLES, the company sent me the Tonacious wedge sandals in green to take out for a spin.

26 TONACIOUS TONACIOUS369 6 300x300 What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Tonacious Wedge SandalsSimilar to the other pair of shoes I tested out, the Tonacious sandals feature a Diamond Flex Sole, “engineered for maximum comfort flexibility by absorbing impact and dispersing friction with every step”. (Side note: The name itself sounds a bit threatening doesn’t it? “Watch out, these sandals are…tonacious!” Ba-da-dummm… Moving on.)

For outfit one, I decided to add some extra steps to my day.

photo 2 e1403047329103 What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Tonacious Wedge Sandals

I usually wear flats to work and switch into heels when I get to the office. But this was a different day, dear readers. This was a challenge – and I of course took it a bit far. Remember my Hanes hosiery challenge to see if they truly were run resistant? (Reminder, one of the days I packed for my move to New York while still wearing the hosiery after work.)

In that same mode of gusto, not only did I wear the AEROSOLES Tonacious sandals during my commute, but I also walked to a doctor’s appointment during lunch…that was a 20-minute walk each way. The cushion of the sandal was fantastic – usually after walking that long in work shoes, the bottoms of my feet and lower back start to hurt. Not the case, I’m happy to report! The one thing that I did notice is that my pinky toe began to pinch a little bit toward the end of the day. I didn’t get a blister, but I guess if you’re going to try and walk three miles throughout a day in these shoes, be wary of a slight toe pinch.

Per the rest of the outfit, the blouse is by Oxmo, and the jeans are by Nudie.

I wore the shoes a few days later wearing the sandals as well! No, I didn’t walk as far in this ensemble, but I felt I already proved my point. I just wanted a work outfit to celebrate spring. (And please ignore the mess on the floor. I have since cleaned.)

photo 3 e1403047611150 What I Wear to Work: AEROSOLES Tonacious Wedge Sandals

This blouse is also by Oxmo and the pants are by Rag & Bone.

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