Toast to Tuesday: Put Some Color Into It

by Rachel Yeomans | February 5th, 2013   

I love seeing an outfit at the office that is unequivocally f-u-n. This week’s selected Polyvore Group winning outfit is just that. I adore the cute detailed shirt and shimmery gray skirt (however I would advise on a longer length for your office job) and the extra pop the statement necklace makes. And the yellow coat with blue bag is just stunning. I personally would die in those heels, but if you can pull them off, all the power to you. I would wear a pair of black booties in their place, but I am a self-declared black fanatic. In fact the only think I’d be able to wear out of this outfit is the coat. But hey, we all can dream of stepping outside of our fashion boxes, right?

c600x598 Toast to Tuesday: Put Some Color Into It



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