Shop COS: Modern Minimalism At The Office

by Emma Klug | August 21st, 2014   
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With the past few years of the retail industry being a fast-fashion blur of excessive-ness in design and quantity over quality in terms of price point, the simple minimalist and back to basic style that fashion folks have been flaunting lately is extremely refreshing.

While the goal of the average fashion lover used to be filling their closet with as much as possible and as quickly as possible, the move in the opposite direction is something that allows consumers to truly purchase wearable and lasting clothing items, which are both important features of a working wardrobe, as well as an every day wardrobe.

cos campaign ss14 sam rollinson fashion Shop COS: Modern Minimalism At The Office

Cos Spring/Summer 2014


COS, ironically an extension of the infamous fast-fashion H&M brand, specializes in a very modern, quality centric, classic style of fashion. Geared more on the minimalist side, COS offers a selection of clothing and accessories for women, men and children, which makes it possible to shop for the whole family all at once. Although COS does have quite a few brick and mortar locations around the world, it has yet to set up an official shop in the United States, which obviously makes their online store even more useful.

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Silk Sleeve Jumper

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Lightweight Mac

0221103003 0 0 682x1024 Shop COS: Modern Minimalism At The Office

Slim Linen Blazer

The basics are the building blocks of any good wardrobe and COS is pretty much set when it comes to them. However, if minimalism isn’t quite your thing – you can look at COS as a canvas to play with. The sleek pieces that COS offers can easily be spiced up with vibrant accessories or mixed and matched with more eccentric clothing items to create office appropriate outfits that are full of personality.

Call it norm-core, minimalism, simple, but don’t call it boring. There’s no denying that COS is onto something that’s extremely chic and desperately needed in fashion today.