Today’s Coveted Working Look: Rebecca Minkoff’s Wearable Technology

by Anne Dreshfield | September 8th, 2014   

I love fashion and work in technology, so Rebecca Minkoff’s announcement this past week during New York Fashion Week had my interest piqued: Could wearable technology finally be fashionable?

It’s certainly a debate that’s been going for a while, as designers like Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg also attempt to fuse fashion and technology in ways that are both useful and on brand.

As a professional woman, I understand the inclination to make a bracelet that’s also a charger, or design a beautiful necklace to house my Fitbit Flex. The truth of the matter is that the current fitness trackers and other gadgets on the market simply aren’t fashionable (function over form!), which makes them less appealing for a large portion of consumers. As much as I love my Fitbit Flex, it’s difficult to shove on a silicone bracelet next to a metal watch, or a dainty gold chain. It looks…well, fine, but it doesn’t look good.

This New York Fashion Week, Rebecca Minkoff announced her new line, in an attempt to change that.

Screen Shot 2014 09 06 at 8.49.03 AM Todays Coveted Working Look: Rebecca Minkoffs Wearable Technology

Rebecca with her new line of products, including a notification bracelet, a bracelet charger, a portable charger, and a case, all from her new collaboration with Casemate.

With a nod to professional women everywhere, Rebecca Minkoff is entering the wearable tech space with a Bluetooth-enabled notification bracelet, a bracelet that doubles as a charger, a portable back-up battery, and an iPhone 5S case.

“As a woman, I understand the stigma that goes along with having my phone out at a dinner or meeting, but the fact is that I still need to be tapped in to a few people no matter what. I designed the notification bracelet with the working professional woman in mind.”

Screen Shot 2014 09 06 at 8.49.55 AM Todays Coveted Working Look: Rebecca Minkoffs Wearable Technology

The notification bracelet, which will be on sale at Nordstrom and in September.

Screen Shot 2014 09 06 at 8.49.25 AM1 Todays Coveted Working Look: Rebecca Minkoffs Wearable TechnologyThe charging bracelet, $60

Personally, I’m intrigued. I love Rebecca Minkoff’s designs, primarily her handbags, and her aesthetic is well-suited for the wearable technology space. Her price point is a little easier to swallow than Tory Burch’s, whose collection will probably be cost-prohibitive for some. As a professional woman who works in PR and social media management in the technology industry, I can understand needing to be plugged in at all times, and there are definitely a few times when I’ve been charger-less and seriously regretted it!

Whether or not you believe in the 24/7 digital connection that society seems to be heading towards, you can’t deny the usefulness of this kind of wearable technology. If my beautiful bracelet happened to be a charger, I wouldn’t ever again feel that bone-deep panic of realizing I forgot my charger for a long weekend getaway trip. And if my bejeweled bracelet just so happened to let me know when an urgent email from my boss was coming in without me having to yank out my phone during dinner with friends or family, I think I’d be eternally grateful.

How do you feel about wearable technology? I love Rebecca Minkoff’s newest New York Fashion Week announcement, and personally can’t wait to see these pieces in person. At the very least, that gilded phone case is gorgeous!