Business Casual Superstar: Bringing Burberry Prorsum Into the Office…Again

by HumaR | November 18th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

Two or three weeks ago, I posted an outfit based on an ensemble from the Burberry Prorsum showing, and this week, I’m back with another such outfit. While browsing through my pictures from all the recent shows, I found this one and thought I could totally make it over to be office appropriate.

burberryprorsum2 Business Casual Superstar: Bringing Burberry Prorsum Into the Office...Again

It’s certainly not office-appropriate the way it is. First of all, that skirt is too short. Second, that jacket? With the shiny leather sleeves? Yeah, you’d look ridiculous if you walked into work wearing that. No, no, no.

But the basic idea here is an easily appropriate office look. Fool-proof, really. So I pared it all down, stripped away all the edgy fashion stuff, and came away with a very simple but polished workplace ensemble.

ww36 Business Casual Superstar: Bringing Burberry Prorsum Into the Office...Again

Houndstooth Pencil Skirt ………. $22.49
Essential Military Shirt in Black ………. $49.90
Nikki Rampage Pumps ………. $14.62
Lace Agate with Turquoise Beads Necklace ………. $15

I went a little over by accident, but all the other necklaces I saw were ugly and I really wanted to include that one. It’s hard enough finding cute jewelry for around $10; just give me this one, all right?

I went with a basic houndstooth skirt in that pretty gray. I love houndstooth. I don’t think we wear it enough. Let’s rectify this, people! Come on! Grassroots effort! Hope and change and more houndstooth!

I love Express for their button-downs. (And their editor pants, but that’s neither here nor there in this post.) They’ve got great button-down shirts that always seem to fit me just right, so why would I go anywhere else? Once you find a brand that just seems to work for you, stick with it. I picked a military shirt to add some edge to this outfit and keep it on trend, since military is still going strong.

I wanted to go classic, so I scrounged around for black pumps. You could easily mix it up – wear blue! Wear purple! Wear red! Match your jewelry to it! Go nuts! Use way more exclamation points than necessary and in doing so, exhaust your audience!!!

But seriously, you can easily pull off another color shoe with this and change the whole feel of the outfit. A nice blue or purple would look especially terrific. I went with black, but don’t let that stymie your creative fashion urges.

I found this necklace on Etsy, and I think it’s adorable and simple and just works very well to add some color and cool to the outfit. Not cool as in hip, but cool as in the sense invoked by colder colors like blue and purple and green, as opposed to warmer colors like red and orange and yellow and pink.

And there we have a fool-proof workplace outfit loosely inspired by Burberry Prorsum’s winter showing.