BANDED: No Slip, No Pain Headbands With a Cause

by Jessica Braun Gervais | September 2nd, 2014   

Who doesn’t love a great headband? Especially if you have hair like mine that is unable to hold style, and at the end of a long day, all you want is for it to be up and out of your face.  The problem with most headbands is that after an hour’s wear, they are either falling off or putting an uncomfortable pressure behind your ears or across your forehead.  Plus, most headbands lack the style factor and should be seen only inside the safety of our own homes or possibly at the gym, but definitely not out in respectable public places and especially not at work.

Well ladies, BANDED, a brand of headbands owned by Lightbulb Innovation Group, has seemed to have found a solution!

0741 BANDED: No Slip, No Pain Headbands With a Cause

BANDED has created a no-slip, no-pain headband that uses a velvet backing and specially sewn elastic to keep bands in place and allows them to fit any size or shape head from children to adults.  And not only are these headbands practical, they are also very stylish (if I do say so myself) and trendy, coming out with fresh designs every fall and spring.

BANDED offers three different styles: the classic 1 inch, a slim fit, and a wide fit. I’m a fan the 1 inch and slim fits, mostly because I have a slimmer head.  I don’t usually wear wide headbands because I feel like they swallow my noggin, but I do like how the wide band is created with one side round and the other flat, so the headband lays flat on your head, unlike most wide headbands that leave a gap between your head and the band.  I also really appreciate the label on the inside directing the front from the back, which does matter because of how the band is cut.

But of course, I couldn’t just take BANDED’s word on the perfection of their product. So just to make sure these headbands really were no slip, no pain, I put them to the test!

Here’s me rocking the 1′ inch navy metallic band.  (I think this particular color would look best on blondes)

TWWBANDED BANDED: No Slip, No Pain Headbands With a Cause

Quick background on myself.  I’m a headband wearer.  I love headbands. I know headbands. For most of high school and the first half of college, my hair lived in headbands.  I have to say, I was impressed with how well the band stayed on.  I spent a total of near 10 hours in the headband, and throughout my day of maneuvering the Chicago transit system, chasing around my kitten, a 5 miles run, and even a nap, the movement was minimal, and not once did I have to adjust the band.  Even the pain was minimum.  I could feel a pressure from the band, reminding me it was still hanging on, but it was in no way uncomfortable or irritable.

So how can you incorporate these headbands into your work wear? I mean, headbands are pretty casual, right? WRONG! Well, at least they won’t be for long.  On September 15, BANDED will be introducing their LUXE line, which is the same no-slip, no-pain design, but with fancy styles for more professional and upscale events.

As if creating the perfect headband wasn’t enough, BANDED (its full name, BANDED2GETHER) partnered with Amazima Ministries, an organization founded by Kate Davis,  that works to provide food, education, and other resources to those in need in Uganda.

086 BANDED: No Slip, No Pain Headbands With a Cause

I took some time to speak with BANDED’s brand manger, Jane Ridlen, to discuss the importance of their giving back.  For every headband purchased, BANDED provides three meals to those in Uganda, as opposed to many give back programs that provide a percentage of all profits. “We did this purposefully so when people buy the headband, it is very clear what the give back is going to be,” says Ridlen.

Ridlen describes the BANDED team as “great men and women who are dedicated to a product because it works and people love it, but [who] also feel very proud and excited about giving back,” and it’s this dedication and drive that pushes BANDED as they close in on reaching their 1 million meal mark.

Interested in supporting BANDED and Amazima? Purchase a headband, or visit to learn more!